Come play at Bermuda’s outdoor barn. For those enforcers who may not understand what an outdoor barn entails, it means our puck bunnies dress light, beers are kept in coolers (okay probably the same worldwide), and the dressing rooms are outside, oh and there’s bleachers. Come snipe a few Gs this September 28th to October 2nd 2017 Classic, in association with the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Ball Hockey tournament: On feet, no rollers.

Rink: 5 vs 5 on a 165ft by 80ft surface

Hotel Link:

Click Picture  or Copy/Paste link right under

Entry price: US$ 500 per team, due soon after registration.

Grand prize: US$ 500 prize for the winner.

Open Division: Targeting A, B and C levels, with 2 divisions if necesssary

No age restriction, no maximum number of players.

Teams: 6 to 8 teams,

Ideal roster size 10 to 12 players for 1h game in the Bermuda heat.

Equipment (required for insurance purposes): 

Helmet and Gloves

Hockey: Minimum 6 games of 1h (*will be adjusted to # of registered teams)

Rain backup plan: 
In the event of a minor rain storm, we have enough time in between games to catch up about 5-6 games.

In the event of a major rain storm, we have secured a gym to catch up a full day or 2 of games.